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Prevention Is Preferable To Cure

"Health ranks as one of the most precious life-assets we possess. Without it the riches of the world become of minor importance if we are unable to take advantage of, and enjoy them.

That old saying “A Healthy Body Breeds A Healthy Mind” is very true. A healthy mind enables us to gain the essential knowledge in order to look after our bodies.

There is a wealth of health knowledge available over the Internet covering just about all ailments known to man. Much of it is good, sound and genuine. 

Beware however, that there is also a lot of "Quack" and misleading information on the Net so, however attractive or conclusive the information may sound in respect of your own particular problem, always confer with your personal professional medical practitioner before charging of on a course that might in fact aggravate your particular ailment. 

The great advantage with the Internet is that it can often alert you to a health problem and thus prompt you to take action at an earlier stage than you might have done normally. That earlier action can result in a successful and non life changing conclusion.

As example, had this writer had access to one of the "Heart Attack" web sites and E-books on this site he would not ended up with a permanent life-long restricting damaged heart.

Each of the limited subject matters on this small site relate to medical conditions experienced by the writer and close friends. Each of the information sources and products herein have proven of worth to one or more of those parties.  

So take a look and God Bless.

Intelligent Health Care

When it comes to your health, prevention is always the first and best policy. Make the time for regular “health maintenance check ups" by your doctor.

A policy of regular health screenings will improve your ability to take care of yourself properly, prevent problems from developing and maintain a healthy body. Remember, "Prevention is far better than cure" and "Forewarned is forearmed" 

If you have any doubts or suspicions concerning just about any health condition then the Internet provides a super brain of available information. 

Remember however, just because you are experiencing a described symptom of symptoms will not necessarily mean that you have a particular ailment.  

Always go straight to you doctor/health professional where the facilities are available to confirm or allay your suspicions.


Note: The contents on this section  does not purport to express medical expertise. It is a general guideline and for full medical expertise and treatment see your local health professional. For more subject detailed medical information on the Net visit the sites referred to herein




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